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Library Instruction and Information Literacy

Policies and Procedures

Library Instruction Labs

Labs are available only for information literacy instruction sessions that are taught or co-taught by a librarian. 

General “open lab” sessions are not possible.

Notify your librarian at least two weeks prior to the session if accommodations for person with disabilities are needed.

School Groups

We may conduct instructional sessions for junior high and high school groups dependent upon personnel and lab availability. School group sessions must relate directly to an in-class assignment, and an appropriate number of chaperones must accompany each group. Groups with individuals under the age of 19 must abide by the University's Minors on Campus policy.  

We cannot accommodate requests for school tours or story hours. 

Working with a librarian



Librarians will tailor lesson plans to individual class needs. It is especially important for students to have an assignment requiring information resource use in order for them to receive the full benefit of attending library instruction session. Professors and instructors should share syllabi and assignments with the librarian and plan the library sessions together.


Point of need

Timing is an important component of effective library instruction. If scheduled too early, students will not retain what they have learned. If scheduled too late, students will not have acquired the skills they need to successfully complete an assignment. A helpful rule of thumb may be to schedule a library session two weeks to 10 days before a specific assignment is due. Librarians request at least 2 weeks' notice to plan an effective and engaging library instruction session.


Our expectations for your participation

Professors and instructors are required to attend sessions along with their studentsWe encourage your active involvement in the class.  This lends credibility to the importance of the material we are covering.



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