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Bryan Stevenson in the Media

Interviews with Bryan Stevenson

o   NPR Audio Interview

  • Transcript and audio for an interview with author Bryan Stevenson on his book, Just Mercy. Aired on NPR’s Fresh Air on October 20, 2014; 39 minutes

o   MacArthur Foundation

  • Bryan Stevenson argues against life without parole sentences for juveniles. Interview with the MacArthur Foundation on May 15, 2010; video, 6 minutes

o   TED Talk

  • Human rights lawyer, Bryan Stevenson, shares the hard reality of America’s justice system including the significant disparity along racial lines. Cameo appearance by Rosa Parks. Given at TED2012 in March, 2012; transcript and video, 24 minutes.

o   Bill Moyers Journal with Michelle Alexander

  • PBS’s Bill Moyers interviews Bryan Stevenson and civil rights advocate and author, Michelle Alexander on the anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination. Aired April 2, 2010; transcript and video, 47 minutes.

o   Democracy Now

  • In an interview with independent global news hour, Democracy Now!, Bryan Stevenson discusses the situation in Ferguson, MO, prison reform, and poverty. Aired November 20, 2014; video, 15 minutes.

o   Time Magazine

  • Six months before being named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential people, Bryan Stevenson did a short interview with Time. Here is the interview. Printed on October 16, 2014; article.

Television Clips

o   60 Minutes: “30 Years on Death Row” (Transcript)

  • This includes a transcript of the 60 Minutes piece titled “30 Years on Death Row” where a prosecutor admitted his indifference led to the wrongful conviction of a man sentenced to death. (Video can be viewed with the “60 Minutes All Access pass.) Aired October 11, 2015.

o   48 Hours: “Ryan Ferguson: Life After Ten”

  • This episode of the newsmagazine 48 Hours features the updated story of Ryan Ferguson, a man wrongly convicted of murder. Giving an overview of Ryan’s case from 2005, this episode addresses new developments in the case and checks in with Ryan’s chief accuser who remains in prison. Aired March 29, 2014; video and transcript, 44 minutes.

o   Last Week Tonight: “Prison”

  • Comedian John Oliver talks about America’s broken prison system with the aid of several puppets. Aired July 20, 2014; video, 18 minutes.

o   60 Minutes: “Life After Death Row”

  • This 60 Minutes segment features the stories of three unjustly convicted people released after living on death row. Featuring Bryan Stevenson and Ray Hinton, one of Bryan Stevenson’s clients for over 16 years. Aired January 10, 2016; video and transcript, 13 minutes.

PBS Frontline Videos

o   The Stickup Kid

  • Frontline explores what happens when we lock up juvenile offenders in adult prisons by telling the story of Alonza Thomas – sent to adult prison at age 16 – and how spending over a decade behind bars impacted him. Aired December 17, 2014; video, transcript and related resources, 29 minutes.

o   The Real CSI

  • Frontline examines how reliable the science is behind forensics. This investigation finds flaws in the best-known forensic tools and the way in how forensic science is presented in the courtroom. Aired April 17, 2012; video transcript and related resources, 54 minutes.

o   The Child Cases

  • ProPublica, NPR, and Frontline investigate questionable convictions in the cases of sudden child deaths which are often assumed to be murder and the caregivers are the accused. Video and related resources.

o   Death By Fire

  • This Frontline video focuses on the controversial death penalty case of Cameron Todd Willingham, a man put to death for the arson-murder of his three girls though not all are convinced that he committed the crime. Video and related resources.

o   When Kids Get Life

  • This 11-chapter video profiles five individuals sentenced to life without parole as juveniles and the impact that that excessive sentence has had on their development. Aired May 8, 2007; video and related resources, 87 minutes. 

o   The New Asylums

  • This 5-chapter video examines the startling trend of sentencing the mentally ill to prison rather than psychiatric hospitals and the effect that has on the sheriffs and prison wardens. Video and related resources, 60 minutes.
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