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COMM 1000 -- Public Speaking: Getting Started

Suggested resources for your informative and persuasive speeches

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Understanding the Assignment

Use the What's in This Guide box on the left or the pull-down tabs above for further information on databases, topics, citations and more. Remember, you can always get help at the Reference Desk by clicking on the green Ask Us tab on the right or using my contact information shown in the box at the bottom left. 


Understanding the assignment may help
direct you to the right type of resources.


  • Do you need to inform someone of an event, a process or an idea?
    • You'll need to look for material that is accurate and may offer both sides of an issue rather than an opinion piece. CQ Researcher explores hot social topics in depth and attempts to present the issue objectively. If your topic does not involve social issues, try a general database like one the ones listed in the Informative Speeches box on the Articles, Newpapers & Websites page on this guide.
  • Do you need to persuade someone to a viewpoint, an idea, to take action or to buy something?
  • Do you need more informal popular material or extremely formal refereed material?
  • Do you need images for a visual aid?
    • Utilize the databases, links, and guides in the Images box to find the perfect image for your presention.
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