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Student Learning Assessment: Info Lit Student Learning Outcome

AU's General Education Student Learning Outcomes

Listed below are the university's nine General Education Student Learning Outcomes. Each outcome has "sub-outcomes." In the box to the right are the General Education outcome and sub-outcomes for information literacy, now known as SLO a.


In order to become lifelong learners and use their education to solve practical problems, by the time of graduation, students will be able to effectively:

  1. locate, evaluate, and use information.
  2. read and think critically.
  3. apply mathematical methods.
  4. write and revise for a variety of purposes.
  5. create and deliver oral presentations.
  6. analyze their own society and its relationship to the larger global context.
  7. interact in intercultural situations.
  8. apply scientific principles.
  9. analyze and value creative artistic endeavors.

AU's Information Literacy Outcomes Aligned to ACRL Framework

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