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A guide to using Wanfang Data intended for the person not literate in Chinese.

Wanfang Data

Wanfang Data

Wanfang Data is an index to Chinese publications in science and technology.

This LibGuide is intended for researchers who do not read Chinese.

Use the Google Chrome browser when searching so you can take advantage of the embedded Google Translate system.  It appears that Wanfang Data uses the Simplified Chinese characters.

The Wanfang Data package includes China Online Journals in the fields of Fundamental Science and Industrial Technology.

Use the Quick Search interface for your research.  Quick Search does support English language searching for the indexed records and will link to their metadata.  A typical result looks like this:

; 姬穎敏、唐子龍、張中太、周志剛; JOURNAL OF THE CHINESE CERAMIC SOCIETY [硅酸鹽學報]2008,  Vol.36, Issue 6
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Here is how Google Translate handles a translation from the front page of another article:


Even better, some, but not all journal articles are found in English.  Please contact the librarian if you need more help.

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