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A primary resource highlighting electronic resources and library services for alumni

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has electronic resource access?

At this time, only dues-paying members of the Auburn Alumni Association have access to alumni electronic resources.

Please note that this access for alumni does not presently include eBooks or document delivery (Interlibrary Loan) privileges.

If you would like to become a dues-paying member, please visit the Auburn Alumni Association for more information on how to join today.

Where can I find my Auburn Alumni Login Information?

Alumni Member ID displayed on Auburn MagazineAuburn Alumni Association members can find their Alumni ID number through one of the following sources:

  • An active alumni membership card,
  • The Forever AU app,
  • The Prowl member e-newsletter, or 
  • The back of an Auburn Magazine subscription

How can I access Alumni Electronic Resources?

To access alumni-exclusive electronic resources, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit the E-Resources for Auburn Alumni libguide page

    • Please note you can only access alumni electronic resources from this list of database links

  2. Click on the desired resource from the list of AU Alumni Electronic Resources. 

    • This step will redirect you to an Electronic Resource Login page for a username and password.

  3. Enter your alumni credentials to sign in and access these resources.

    • Use the last name associated with your alumni membership as your Auburn Username, and

    • Use your Alumni Member ID number as your Auburn Password

I'm having trouble logging in. What should I do?

Here are some further suggestions to help you troubleshoot your alumni login for electronic resource access:

  1. Using the Correct Login Format

    • Do not use an Auburn username or email, as this will result in a failed login

    • Make sure to capitalize the first letter of your Auburn Username

    • Do not include the leading zeros of your Alumni Member ID number as part of your Auburn Password

  2. Clear Your Browser's Cache

    • Try clearing the cache from your current web browser that you are using to access alumni electronic resources and attempt your alumni login again

    • Web browser examples include Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, DuckDuckGo, and Safari, among many others

  3. Saved Passwords

    • As saved passwords on your PC can cause failed logins, try deleting remembered passwords from your computer, then attempt your alumni login again

Research Data Management Librarian assisting with computers

Further Technical Assistance

  • Need help with your Alumni Member ID or with obtaining library access?

Please complete the Alumni Member Library Access Request Form for assistance from the Auburn Alumni Association.

  • Still experiencing issues with your login information or accessing alumni electronic resources? 

Contact the Libraries' Systems department by completing this Login Problem Report form.

If you need additional support on alumni electronic resources, please send an email message to