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Extended Reality Space

Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), & Mixed Reality (MR), when taken beyond the bounds is referred to as Extended Reality (XR). This Space is for Research, Development, and Experimentation.

Mobile VR Headsets

During Covid-19 we are only offering the use of VR and associated equipment for Faculty Research Projects.


The I&RC offers 3 types of Mobile VR headsets

  • The Oculus Quest (128GB) is a completely wireless mobile VR headset. The tracking comes from the headset in what has been coined as "inside-out tracking". Unlike its predecessors that require external sensors mounted around the user play-environment. This allows for freedom of movement that is extraordinary. Development for this platform is straight forward with a convenient connection through USB-C  and what Oculus calls "side loading". Overall, the Oculus Quest makes for a very nice consumer VR experience. 

  • The Oculus Go is akin to a personal big-screen theater. One can look around but the headset itself is not tracked. One can share the experience of watching live sports, concerts, or just your favorite TV show with friends that also have the Go. 


  • Google Cardboard is an inexpensive way to experience stationary VR experiences while using one's phone. Just download a popular VR app and slide your phone in and enjoy it. 


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