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Chemistry: January 29, 2020

New Books -- January 29, 2020

Investing in science : social cost-benefit analysis of research infrastructures / Massimo Florio. 
The MIT Press, 
Q 125 .F5845 2019
Uncertainty : how it makes science advance / Kostas Kampourakis, Kevin McCain. 
Oxford University Press, 
Q 175 .K1755 2020
What science is and how it really works / James C. Zimring (University of Virginia, Charlottesville). 
Cambridge University Press, 
Q 175.32 .R45 Z56 2019
From commodification to the common good : reconstructing science, technology, and society / Hans Radder. 
University of Pittsburgh Press, 
Q 175.5 .R2945 2019
Applied chemoinformatics  : achievements and future opportunities / edited by Thomas Engel and Johann Gasteiger. 
Chemoinformatics : basic concepts and methods / edited by Thomas Engel and Johann Gasteiger. 
QD 39.3. E46 C433 2018
Basic gas chromatography  / Harold M. McNair, James M. Miller, Nicholas H. Snow. 
Elemental analysis : an introduction to modern spectrometric techniques / Gerhard Schlemmer, Lieve Balcaen, Jose Luis Todoli, Michael W. Hinds. 
De Gruyter, De Gruyter graduate 
QD 95 .E546 2019
Mass spectrometry / James S. O. McCullagh and Neil J. Oldham. 
Oxford University Press, Oxford chemistry primers 
QD 96 .M3 M33 2019
Field guide to colorimetry and fundamental color modeling / Jennifer D.T. Kruschwitz. 
SPIE, SPIE field guides ; volume FG42 
Laboratory methods in dynamic electroanalysis  / edited by M. Teresa Fernandez Abedul. 
Catalyst-free organic synthesis / by Goutam Brahmachari. 
Royal Society of Chemistry, Green Chemistry Series, no. 51 
QD 262 .B73 2018
Organometallic chemistry of the transition metals / Robert H. Crabtree 
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 
QD 411.8 .T73 C73 2019
Biochemistry in the lab  : a manual for undergraduates / by Benjamin F. Lasseter. 
CRC Press, 
Molecular symmetry and group theory : approaches in spectroscopy and chemical reactions / Maurya R. C., J. M. Mir. 
De Gruyter, De Gruyter Graduate 
QD 461 .M38 2019
Metallocofactors that activate small molecules : with focus on bioinorganic chemistry / Markus W. Ribbe, editor ; with contributions by J.J.H. Cotelesage [and more]. 
Springer, Structure and bonding, 179. 
QD 461 .S92 v.179
Ligated transition metal clusters in solid-state chemistry : the legacy of Marcel Sergent. 
Springer, Structure and bonding, 180 
QD 461 .S92 v.180
Periodic table : its story and its significance / Eric Scerri. 
Oxford University Press, 
QD 467 .S345 2020
Organic chemistry  : theory, reactivity and mechanisms in modern synthesis / with a forward by Robert H. Grubbs ; Pierre Vogel, Kendall N. Houk. 
Transition metal catalyzed oxidative cross-coupling reactions / Aiwen Lei, editor. 
Springer, Lecture notes in chemistry, 102 
QD 505 .T725 2019
Chemical kinetics in combustion and reactive flows : modeling tools and applications / V.I. Naoumov, V.G. Krioukov,
Cambridge University Press, 
QD 516 .N26 2019
High Pressure Organic Synthesis  / Davor Margetic. 
De Gruyter, 
Electrochemistry  : a guide for newcomers / Helmut Baumga¿¿rtel. 
De Gruyter, 
Electrochemistry / Wesley R. Browne. 
Oxford University Press, Oxford chemistry primers 
QD 553 .B7 2018
Introduction to molecular magnetism  : from transition metals to lanthanides / Cristiano Benelli and Dante Gatteschi. 
Field guide to crystal growth / A.K. Batra and M.D. Aggarwal. 
SPIE, SPIE field guides ; volume FG38 
Introduction to liquid crystals / Gregory A. DiLisi ; edited by James J. DeLuca. 
Morgan & Claypool Publishers, IOP concise physics, 
QD 923 .D55 2019
Altered inheritance : CRISPR and the ethics of human genome editing / Franoise Baylis. 
Harvard University Press, 
QH 438.7 .B38 2019
Fundamentals of molecular structural biology  / Subrata Pal. 
Academic Press, an imprint of Elsevier, 
Thermodynamics in bioenergetics  / Jean-Louis Burgo. 
CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 
Letters from women in pharmacy : stories on integrating life and career / editors, Sara J. White, Susan Teil Boyer, Hannah K. Vanderpool. 
American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, 
RS 122.9 .L48 2018
Medicinal plants  : chemistry, pharmacology, and therapeutic applications / edited by Mallappa Kumara Swamy, Jayanta Kumar Patra, Gudepalya Renukaiah Rudramurthy. 
CRC Press, 
HPLC and UHPLC for practicing scientists  / Michael W. Dong. 
Luminescence of lanthanide ions in coordination compounds and nanomaterials  / edited by Ana de Bettencourt-Dias. 
John Wiley & Sons Inc., 
Plutonium Handbook, 2nd edition / David L Clark, David A. Geeson, Robert J. Hanrahan, Jr.
American Nuclear Society
TN 799 .P74 P55 2019
Bioinspired inorganic materials : structure and function / edited by Simon R. Hall. 
Royal Society of Chemistry, Inorganic materials series ; 4 
TP 248.65 .M37 B56 2019