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Chemistry: Sept 14, 2020

New Books -- Sept 14, 2021


Practical fluorescence spectroscopy [electronic resource] / Zygmunt (Karol) Gryczynski and Ignacy Gryczynski. 
CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 
QD 96 .F56 G70 2020 ELECTRONIC


Electroanalytical chemistry [electronic resource] : principles, best practices, and case studies / Gary A. Mabbott. 
John Wiley & Sons, 
QD 115 .M325 2020 ELECTRONIC


Green oxidation in organic synthesis [electronic resource] / edited by Ning Jiao, Shannon S. Stahl. 
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 
QD 262 .G66485 2019 ELECTRONIC


Molecules that changed the world : a brief history of the art and science of synthesis and its impact on society / K.C. Nicolaou, T. Montagnon ; with forewords by Nobel laureates, E.J. Corey, R. Noyori. 
QD 262 .N53 2008


Homogeneous hydrogenation with non-precious catalysts [electronic resource] / edited by Johannes F. Teichert. 
QD 281 .H8 H66 2020 ELECTRONIC


Oxidation and antioxidants in organic chemistry and biology [electronic resource] / Evgeny T. Denisov, Igor B. Afanas'ev. 
Taylor & Francis, 
QD 281 .O9 D454 2005 ELECTRONIC


Conformations : connecting the chemical structures and material behaviors of polymers [electronic resource] / by Alan Tonelli and Jialong Shen. 
CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 
QD 381 .T648 2020 ELECTRONIC


Organometallic chemistry in industry : a practical approach [electronic resource] / edited by Thomas J. Colacot, Carin C.C. Johansson Seechurn. 
QD 411 .O7143 2020 ELECTRONIC


Retrosynthetic analysis and synthesis of natural products [electronic resource]. 1, Synthetic methods and applications / Olivier Piva. 
ISTE, Ltd. ; Wiley, 
QD 415 .P58 2019 ELECTRONIC


What is a chemical element? / edited by Eric Scerri and Elena Ghibaudi. 
Oxford University Press, 
QD 466 .W44 2020


Concise chemical thermodynamics [electronic resource] / A.P.H. Peters. 
CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 
QD 504 .W38 2019 ELECTRONIC


Early Main Group Metal Catalysis : Concepts and Reactions [electronic resource] / [editor] Sjoerd Harder. 
John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated, 
QD 505 .E275 2020 ELECTRONIC


Chemical thermodynamics : theory and applications [electronic resource] / W. John Rankin. 
CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 
QD 511 .R28 2020 ELECTRONIC


Methods for electrocatalysis [electronic resource] : advanced materials and allied applications / Inamuddin, Rajender Boddula, Abdullah M. Asiri, editors. 
QD 569 .M48 2020 ELECTRONIC


Essence of crystallography [electronic resource] / Mark Ladd. 
World Scientific, 
Essential textbooks in chemistry 
QD 905.2 .L328 2020 ELECTRONIC


Practical enzymology / Hans Bisswanger
QP 601 .B4886 2019


Bioinformatics [electronic resource] : principles and applications / by Harshawardhan P. Bal. 
McGraw-Hill Education LLC., 
QH324.2.B171 2005 ELECTRONIC


The black box of biology [electronic resource] : a history of the molecular revolution / Michael Morange ; translated by Matthew Cobb
Harvard Univ Press
QH 506 .M7213 2020 ELECTRONIC


Protein purification / Philip L.R. Bonner. 
CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 
QP 551 .B66 2019


Computational methods in protein evolution / edited by Tobias Sikosek. 
Humana Press, 
Methods in molecular biology, 1851 
QP 551 .C65 2019


Taxonomy, genomics and ecophysiology of hydrocarbon-degrading microbes / Terry J. McGenity, editor
TP 248 .H9 T39 2019