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Chemistry: September 18, 2019

New Books -- September 18, 2019


Scientific revolution revisited / Mikulas Teich. 
Open Book Publishers, 
Q125.2 .T45 2015 ELECTRONIC

How we teach science : what's changed, and why it matters / John L. Rudolph. 
Harvard University Press, 
Q 183.3 .A1 R828 2019

Computational approaches for chemistry under extreme conditions / Nir Goldman, editor. 
Springer, Challenges and advances in computational chemistry and physics ; volume 28 
QD 39.3 .E46 C624 2019

Nature of the chemical concept : re-constructing chemical knowledge in teaching and learning / Keith S. Tabor. 
Royal Society of Chemistry, Advances in chemistry education series ; 3 
QD 40 .T33 2019

Differentiation of chiral compounds using NMR spectroscopy / Thomas J. Wenzel. 
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 
QD 77 .W489 2018 ELECTRONIC

Practical guide to gas analysis by gas chromatography / Piet de Coning and John Swinley. 
QD 79 .C45 C665 2019 ELECTRONIC

HPLC-MS handbook for practitioners / edited by Stavros Kromidas. 
QD 79 .C454 H66 2017 ELECTRONIC

Fundamentals of fluorescence imaging / edited by Guy Cox. 
Jenny Stanford Publishing, 
QD 96 .F56 F86 2019 ELECTRONIC

Photothermal spectroscopy methods / Stephen E. Bialkowski, Nelson G.C. Astrath, Mikhail A. Proskurnin. 
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 
Chemical analysis 
QD 96 .P54 B53 2019 ELECTRONIC

Modern Raman spectroscopy : a practical approach / Ewen Smith, Geoffrey Dent. 
John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 
QD 96 .R34 S65 2019 ELECTRONIC

Noble gas chemistry : structure, bonding, and gas-phase chemistry / Felice Grandinetti. 
QD 162 .G73 2018 ELECTRONIC

Carbon dioxide sensing : fundamentals, principles, and applications / edited by Gerald Gerlach, Ulrich Guth, Wolfram Oelsser. 
Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH, 
QD 181 .C1 C367 2019 ELECTRONIC

Graphene surfaces : particles and catalysts / Karim Kakaei, Mehdi D. Esrafili, Ali Ehsani. 
Academic Press, Interface science and technology ; volume twenty seven 
QD 181 .C1 K35 2019 ELECTRONIC

Hot carbon / John F. Marra. 
Columbia University Press, 
QD 181 .C1 M3875 2019

Fluorine : a paradoxical element / Alain Tressaud. 
Elsevier, Progress in fluorine science series ; volume 5 
QD 181 .F1 T74 2019 ELECTRONIC

Chemistry of thioamides / Toshiaki Murai, editor. 
QD 181 .S1 C484 2019

Catalyst-free organic synthesis / by Goutam Brahmachari. 
Royal Society of Chemistry, Green Chemistry Series, no. 51 
QD 262 .B73 2018

Anionic annulations in organic synthesis : a versatile and prolific class of ring-forming reactions / Dipakranjan Mal. 
QD 262 .M339 2019

Photoorganocatalysis in organic synthesis / edited by Maurizio Fagnoni, Stefano Protti, Davide Ravelli. 
World Scientific, Catalytic science series ; volume 18 
QD 262 .P46 2019

Cellulose chemistry and properties : fibers, nanocelluloses and advanced materials / Orlando J. Rojas, editor. 
Springer International Publishing, Advances in polymer science, 271 
QD 281 .P6 F6 v. 271 2016

Carbocation chemistry : applications in organic synthesis / edited by Jie Jack Li. 
CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, New directions in organic and biological chemistry 
QD 305 .C3 C27 2017

Carbohydrate chemistry : fundamentals and applications / by Raimo Ale¿¿n. 
World Scientific Publishing Company, 
QD 321 .A44 2018

Supramolecular chemistry in water / edited by Stefan Kubik. 
QD 380 .S876 2019 ELECTRONIC

Organometallic chemistry of the transition metals / Robert H. Crabtree, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut. 
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 
QD 411.8 .T73 C73 2019

Molecular orbitals and organic chemical reactions / Ian Fleming. 
QD 461 .F533 2010 ELECTRONIC

Handbook of computational quantum chemistry / David B. Cook. 
Dover Publications, 
QD 462.6 .D38 C66 2005

Structure dependent energy of organic compounds / Arpad Furka. 
Springer, SpringerBriefs in molecular science 
QD 476 .F87 2019

Unimolecular kinetics. Parts 2 and 3, Collisional energy transfer and the master equation / edited by Struan H. Robertson. 
Elsevier, Comprehensive chemical kinetics ; volume 43 
QD 501 .C729 1969 vol. 43

Concepts of modern catalysis and kinetics / I. Chorkendorff and J.W. Niemantsverdriet. 
QD 505 .C474 2017

Transition metal catalyzed oxidative cross-coupling reactions / Aiwen Lei, editor. 
Springer, Lecture notes in chemistry, 102 
QD 505 .T725 2019

Elements of molecular and biomolecular electrochemistry : an electrochemical approach to electron transfer chemistry / Jean-Michel Saveant and Cyrille Costentin. 
John Wiley & Sons, 
QD 553 .S318 2019 ELECTRONIC

Principles and advances in supramolecular catalysis / Jubaraj Bikash Baruah. 
CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 
QD 878 .B37 2019

Beginners' guide to scanning electron microscopy / Anwar Ul-Hamid. 
QH 212 .S3 U44 2018

Collecting experiments : making Big Data biology / Bruno J. Strasser. 
The University of Chicago Press, 
QH324.2 .S728 2019

Handbook of statistical genomics / edited by David J. Balding, Ida Moltke, John Marioni. 
QH 438.4 .S73 H36 2019 ELECTRONIC

Bioinformatics and functional genomics / Jonathan Pevsner. 
John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 
QH 441.2 .P48 2015

Genome data analysis / Ju Han Kim. 
Springer, Learning Materials in Biosciences 
QH 447 .K56 2019

Bioinspired materials science and engineering / edited by Guang Yang, Lin Xiao, Lallepak Lamboni. 
John Wiley & Sons, 
QP 517 .B56 B4796 2018 ELECTRONIC

Mass spectrometry : an applied approach. 
Wiley, Wiley series on mass spectrometry 
QP 519.9 .M3 M3525 2019 ELECTRONIC

Proteomics for biological discovery / edited by Timothy D. Veenstra, John R. Yates III. 
QP 551 .P76 2019 ELECTRONIC

Biochemistry of collagens, laminins and elastin : structure, function and biomarkers / edited by Morten A. Karsdal. 
Academic Press, an imprint of Elsevier, 
QP 552 .C6 B565 2019

Carbon nanotubes and nanoparticles : current and potential applications / edited by Alexander V. Vakhrushev, Vladimir I. Kodolov, A.K. Haghi, Suresh C. Ameta. 
Apple Academic Press, AAP research notes on nanoscience and nanotechnology 
RS 201 .N35 C37 2019

Nanocarriers for drug delivery : nanoscience and nanotechnology in drug delivery / edited by Shyam S. Mohapatra, Shivendu Ranjan, Nandita Dasgupta, Raghvendra Kumar Mishra, Sabu Thomas. 
Elsevier, Micro & nano technologies series 
RS 201 .N35 N358 2019 ELECTRONIC

Bioinformatics and drug discovery / edited by Richard S. Larson, Tudor I. Oprea. 
Humana Press, Methods in molecular biology, 1939 
RS 420 .B563 2019

Introduction to graphene and carbon nanotubes / John Edward Proctor, Daniel Alfonso Melendrez Armada, and Aravind Vijayaraghavan. 
CRC Press LLC, 
TA 455 .G65 P76 2017 ELECTRONIC

Graphene-based electrochemical sensors for biomolecules / edited by Alagarsamy Pandikumar, Perumal Rameshkumar. 
Elsevier, Micro and nano technologies series 
TP 159 .E37 G73 2019