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Chemistry: May 21 2020

New Books -- May 21, 2020

Find your path : unconventional lessons from 36 leading scientists and engineers; / Daniel Goodman. 
MIT Press, 
Q 147 .R63 2019
Defense of the scientific hypothesis : from reproducibility crisis to big data / Bradley Alger. 
Oxford University Press, 
Q 175 .A455 2020
Great paradox of science : why its conclusions can be relied upon even though they cannot be proven / Mano Singham. 
Oxford University Press, 
Q 175 .S57225 2020
Diversifying STEM : multidisciplinary perspectives on race and gender / edited by Ebony O. McGee and William H. Robinson. 
Rutgers University Press, 
Q 181 .D525 2020
Etymology of Chemical Names: Tradition and Convenience vs. Rationality in Chemical Nomenclature / Alexander Senning. 
De Gruyter, 
Letters to a young chemist / edited by Abhik Ghosh. 
John Wiley & Sons, 
Foundations for teaching chemistry : chemical knowledge for teaching / Keith S. Taber. 
QD 47 .T33 2020
Green analytical chemistry / by Mihkel Koel and Mihkel Kaljurand. 
Royal Society of Chemistry, 
QD 75.22 .K64 2019
Chemical analysis and material characterization by spectrophotometry / Bhim Prasad Kafle. 
Inorganic chemistry / James E. House
Solving the mysteries of the solid elements : (from the origin of elements to machine parts) / by Yoshiharu Mae. 
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 
QD 171 .M34 2019
Deep carbon : past to present / edited by Beth N. Orcutt, Isabelle Daniel, Rajdeep Dasgupta. 
Cambridge University Press, 
QD 181 .C1 D44 2020
Practical synthetic organic chemistry : Reactions, principles, and techniques / edited by Stéphane Caron
Strategies and tactics in organic synthesis. Volume 14 / edited by Michael Harmata. 
Academic Press, an imprint of Elsevier, 
Molecular Interactions: Concepts and Methods / David A. Micha.
Periodic table I : historical development and essential features / D. Michael P. Mingos, editor 
Springer, Structure and bonding, 181 
QD 461 .S92 v.181
Periodic table II : catalytic, materials, biological and medical applications / D. Michael P. Mingos, editor  
Springer, Structure and bonding, 182 
QD 461 .S92 v.182
Antimony, gold, and Jupiter's wolf : how the elements were named / Peter Wothers. 
Oxford University Press, 
QD 467 .W684 2019
Strategies and solutions to advanced organic reaction mechanisms : a new perspective on McKillop's problems / Andrei Hent, John Andraos. 
Academic Press, 
QD 501 .H46 2019
Introduction to phase diagrams in materials science and engineering / Hiroyasu Saka. 
World Scientific, 
Mathematical Modelling of Gas-Phase Complex Reaction Systems: Pyrolysis and Combustion
X-ray microscopy / Chris Jacobsen. 
Cambridge University Press, Advances in microscopy and microanalysis 
QH 212 .X2 J33 2020
Nano comes to life : how nanotechnology is transforming medicine and the future of biology / Sonia Contera. 
Princeton University Press, 
QH 324.25 .C66 2019
Mechanisms in molecular biology / Tudor Baetu. 
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge elements. Elements in the philosophy of biology 
QH 506 .B338 2019