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ReadCube: Printing

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Only First Page is Visible

Only the first page of the article is visible prior to purchase. In order to use Readcube, you must create an account (use your Auburn email to create the account) and then sign in when you wish to access an article. See the Using Readcube for more information about accessing articles. 

Printing Problems

Some users experience problems printing an article they accessed through ReadCube. Reported problems include not being able to print at all or having only parts of a page print. If you experience printing problems try these solutions:

1. If you are not using the ReadCube Web Reader "print" button, try that (see below in red box)


2. Use Chrome or Firefox. Internet Explorer does not support ReadCube's enhanced PDFs and printing is unreliable. 

3. Some extensions (like AdblockPlus, NoScript, etc) can disable cookies/temporary internet files and affect printing. Try removing extensions to see if printing improves.

4. Pages which do not completely print (for example, the bottom 2 inches of each page is blank) may be the result of the first page's appearance on the monitor. In some instances, only the portion of the page which is visible on the monitor will print. Try resizing the page using the + and - magnifying glasses at the top of the ReadCube page and/or sizing adjustments on your monitor to ensure that the entire first page is visible before trying to print.

5. If none of these suggestions work, you can download ReadCube to your computer, (, click on Get ReadCube) and print purchased articles from your ReadCube library.

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