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ReadCube: Using ReadCube

Get cloud access to most Nature Research Journals, Nature Reviews, and NPG Academic & Society Journals

Using Readcube

Journals with ReadCube access will include a note about access provided by Auburn University and a link to view a PDF.

Step 1: Click on View PDF (as) pictured in the red box below

 Download left bottom side of article page


Step 2: You will be taken to an article preview.  Only the article's Abstract will be legible prior to download.  The second page will be skewed as seen in second image below. 

Article with option to purchase read access through cloud


Cannot read additional pages prior to article cloud purchase.

The remaining pages of article are blurred until purchase is finalized

Step 3: Choose Buy Cloud Access and then Checkout.

Buy cloud access option

Step 4: After Checkout, you will be prompted to sign in.  Login only with your Auburn email (ending in  If this is your first time using ReadCube, choose Sign up for free (at the bottom) and follow the instructions. You should use your Auburn email to create your ReadCube account.  Do not create multiple accounts, instead create one account with your Auburn email and use it consistently to prevent the library being charged for subsequent access to the same article.

The sign in screen you see to purchase the article

Step 5: You should receive a message that you successfully bought access to the article (but the library will pay). Close that message to view the full text of the article.

Once you go through this process, you have permanent access to the article. You can access it again by going through the journal OR you can download Readcube to your device and access all articles you have purchased through your Readcube library.


In addition to the institutional program offering access to Nature titles, Readcube also has a program for individuals to purchase articles from Wiley journals. Occasionally you may see the Readcube for individuals link. (This will typically happen if you are off campus and go directly to a journal site rather than through the library's catalog). The individual Readcube links require payment from you. You can tell they are individual links because  they list payment amounts for each access type. Institutional Readcube links do not list purchase amounts

If you see the following options, you need to login or connect to the VPN to enable access through Auburn University Libraries.If you see a price you need to login or use VPN

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