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Research Data at Auburn University: Home

Explains the services, policies and procedures available to researchers at Auburn University who need to archive their data.

DMP Tool


Introduction to Research Data

What is Research Data?  It is Data generated by research that documents the results.  Generally, the research was funded by public agencies who require that the data be available to the public.

Why do I have to Manage the data?  The DataONE Primer on Data Management gives three reasons; It will benefit you and your collaborators, It will benefit the scientific community, and Journals and sponsors want you to share your data.

How does it affect me?  Most federal funding agencies require that researchers include a data management plan.

How can the library help?  We will be providing a service that will build on the AUrora platform that will allow long-term archiving of research, with the meta-data needed to make it usable to others.  This will have the added advantage of increasing the visibilty of research at Auburn.

Subject Guide

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