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Veterinary Medicine: Consultant

Consultant -- Tips

Search by ...


One, or multiple, clinical signs

Learn about ...


Find ...

Recent literature

Consultant -- Overview

Consultant is a ...

(1)  Diagnostic support system -- Search for diagnoses from >500 clinical signs (or go straight to diagnoses)

(2)  Citation database -- Selected high quality references with clinical relevance for each diagnosis

(3)  Veterinary textbook -- A nifty diagnosis learning tool

Consult is a diagnostic support system for veterinary medicine which updated weekly by the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine. It covers roughly 7,000 diagnoses or disease conditions for eight species: avian, bovine, canine, caprine, equine, feline, ovine and porcine. It also functions as an online textbook when searched by diagnosis and as a learning tool when searched by clinical signs. Consultant selectively indexes 70 veterinary medical journals for quality articles that are relevant to clinical practice.

Why use Consultant to find research?

The references for each diagnosis are chosen for ...


Relevance to clinical practice

The most recent literature is emphasized, which should help complement your textbook -- which started going out of date as soon as it is written. Sometimes Consultant only provides references from the last two years. Don't expect Consultant to give a comprehensive list of references for a diagnosis, but it is an excellent place to start.

What you need to know to use Consultant

Search by ...

(A)  Diagnosis  -- When you already know the diagnosis

(B)  Clinical signs -- Search for possible diagnoses based on ...

      • Species -- avian, bovine, canine, caprine, equine, feline, ovine, and porcine
      • Clinical signs -- one or multiple

- - -Hints for using Consultant: For a known disease or condition, click "Search by Diagnosis".  Then choose the "Species" from the pull-down menu, and enter one or more disease terms.  From there, click on your choice of diagnosis to see a brief description of the disease, its clinical signs, species affected, and some recent journal article citations and/or web page links of potential interest.  For identifying possible diseases with one or more clinical signs, click "Search by Signs".  Then, choose the "Species" from the pull-down menu, and enter the first clinical sign, such as "vomiting".  Additional clinical signs can be added before searching the database to obtain a list of diagnoses exhibiting those particular signs.

Each Diagnosis provides ...

  • Brief description of the diagnosis
  • Summary of clinical signs
  • References -- Selected for quality and clinical relevance