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Mendeley: Citations/Bibliographies

Install MS Word Plugin

To install the MS Word Plug-in:

After installing the plug-in, it will appear in the

Reference tab of Word as below:

Generating Citations with the MS Word Plug-in

Using the Plug-in

·  When writing in MS Word, at the point where you need to insert a citation, click on the References tab in the Word toolbar and then on Insert Citation.

·  A search box will open, you can search by author, title, or year of your citation. When you find the correct citation, click it.

·  You can add additional citations if needed.

·  When you are finished adding citations, click OK.

· When your paper is complete, click on the spot where the bibliography should start and then on Insert Bibliography.

·  Notice that you are able to choose the desired citation style above the Insert Bibliography icon. If the style you need isn’t listed, click on More styles.

·  You can change the citation style of a paper by hightlighting the entire bibliography list, and then selecting a different style from the drop down list.

Before sending an electronic file of a document created with Mendeley

Before sending an electronic file of a document created with Mendeley, you will probably want to remove the Mendeley links. 

To do that, from your document, 

  • click on Export as Without Mendeley fields. (found in the References tab, Mendeley section, to the right of Insert citation).
  • A pop up window will appear with a suggested name, you can change the name of the document before saving but it should be different than the name of the document with Mendeley links.