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Philosophy: Find Books

Philosophy Series

If you are looking for an introduction to a philosopher or philosophical topic, companions and guides cover key thinkers, concepts, and topics.  Try searching the library catalog for these series:

  • Blackwell Companions to Philosophy
  • Blackwell Philosophy Guides
  • Oxford Readings in Philosophy
  • Routledge Companions in Philosophy (Sample search in library catalog: routledge companion aesthetics)
    • Cambridge Companions (Sample search in library catalog: cambridge companion plato)



          Find Books in Other Libraries

          Search WorldCat for books, journals and other materials from libraries around the world.

          If Auburn University Libraries don't own an item, it can be requested through interlibrary loan (ILL).  Delivery time for ILL varies, but you should allow at least 7-10 days for the requested item to arrive at our library.

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          Library of Congress Call Numbers in Philosophy

          Philosophy (General) B 1-5802
          Ancient Philosophy (600 BC – 430 AD) B 108-708
          Medieval Philosophy (430 AD–1450 AD) B 720-765
          Renaissance Philosophy B 770-785
          Modern Philosophy (1450 AD – present) B 790-5802
          Logic BC 1-199
          Speculative philosophy BD 10-701
          Metaphysics BD 95-131
          Epistemology. Theory of knowledge BD 143-237
          Speculative philosophy -- Methodology BD 240-260
          Ontology (including being, the soul, life, death) BD 300-450
          Cosmology (including teleology, space and time, structure of matter, plurality of worlds) BD 493-701
          Aesthetics BH 1-301
          Ethics BJ 1-1725

          For a more detailed breakdown of LC classification in philosophy, see
          A Guide to Philososophy in the Library of Congress Classification (created by John R. Shook)

          AU Libraries E-Books

          Information about how to search the library's e-book collections and download/checkout e-books to your computer or tablet is available on the Electronic Books LibGuide.

          Google Books

          Search inside books made available on the Internet. Many books display only a preview, but check the library catalog to see if our library owns the book.  

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