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New Physics Titles at Auburn



GrayLit Network
Technical reports from U.S. Government Agencies such as Defense, Energy, EPA and NASA.


 Dissertation Databases

AUETD (Auburn University Theses and Dissertations)
Provides access to Auburn University theses and dissertations.
Dissertation Abstracts
Citations for U.S. dissertations since 1861. Dissertations with 350-word abstracts since 1980. Twenty-four page PDF preview for most dissertations since 1996. Master's theses with 150-word abstracts since 1988.

 Finding Journals in the Library Catalog

Search the Auburn University library catalog to see if Auburn Libraries has the journal for the year(s) that you need either in print and/or via electronic access.
  • Journal Abbreviation search in "Basic Search" Type the journal abbreviation in the search box on the AU Libraries Homepage. This works for many, but not all journal abbreviations. If this does not find the journal, you must try method 2 or 4 below before concluding that AU Libraires does not have the journal.
  • Journal Title search in "Basic Search" Select "Journal Title" from the pull-down menu for "Search By " in a "Basic Search". Type in the unabbreviated name of the journal. Do not include "The" or "A" if these are the first word in the journal title. It may not be necessary to type in the entire title because this search automatically right truncates. For example "chemistry a" will find the record for Chemistry: A European Journal, along with 2 other journal titles. See Mystery Citations (below) to figure out what is the unabbreviated name of a journal.
  • Title search in "Keyword Search" Select "Title" from the pull-down menu for "Search By" in a "Keyword Search". Type in full words from the journal title or partial words ended with a question mark, such as chem?. This type of search usually finds more titles than just the desired journal. For example, "chemistry european" finds 39 titles, while "chem? eur?" finds 94 titles. Both searches find the desired Chemistry: A European Journal.
  • ISSN Number search in "Keyword Search" Every journal is assigned a unique 8-digit number of the form xxxx-xxxx. In a "Keyword Search" select "ISSN" from the pull-down menu for "Search By". Type in the ISSN Number.
Still can't find the journal in AubieCat for the year(s) you need?
In most cases, you can get a copy of the article via Interlibrary Loan, Ingenta, or the Linda Hall Library. See Delivery Services for more information.


 Lists of journal titles available at AU Libraries

E-journals at AU Libraries includes all subject areas, not just physics.
Physics--General E-journals at AU Libraries
Selected list of physics journals.
Note: If you don't see a journal you need on these two lists, AU Libraries may still have it. Check the Auburn University library catalog.

  Mystery Citations

Is there something wrong with your reference? Did Interlibrary Loan return your request because the article or book does not seem to exist? If the advice below does solve the problems, contact the physics librarian or Interlibaray Loan for help.
Having trouble unravelling an unfamiliar abbreviation to the full journal title? To search for a journal in AubieCat, you need either the full name of the journal or its ISSN number (xxxx-xxxx).

 Online Resources to "Unravel" Journal Abbreviations

Medline and National Library of Medicine Abbreviation

LocatorPlus Search on part, or all, of the journal abbreviation.

CAS Document Detective Service Title Search
Keyword search on journal title words (automatic right truncation on all words). For example Zh Neoorg Khim finds Zhurnal Neorganischeskoi Khimii. But Recl Trav Chim Pays-Bas does not find Recueil des Travaux Chimique des Pays-Bas

  Print Resources to "Unravel" Journal Abbreviations

Chemical Abstracts Service Source Index (CASSI) Ref Desk QD 1 .C473

This is the best resource to convert abbreviations into full titles. Contains most journals, conference proceedings, and book series indexed by Chemical Abstracts.

Periodical Title Abbreviations: By Title Ref Desk Z 6945 .A2 W34 2001

Less informative than CASSI, but easier to use.

 Miscellaneous Physics Web Sites

How Things Work  

National Geophysical Data Center   

NIST Chemistry WebBook   

NIST Homepage  

NSSDC  National Space Science Data Center 

Online Courses: Physics

Periodic Table of Elements  

Physical Law List 

Superstring Theory Website 

Table of the Nuclides  

 Societies & Associations

AAS American Astronomical Society 

AGU American Geophysical Union 

AIP American Institute of Physics 

ANS American Nuclear Society 

APS American Physical Society 

ASA Acoustical Society of America 

DOE Department of Energy 

EPS European Physical Society 

IOP Institute of Physics 

IAE International Atomic Energy Agency 

NIST  National Institute of Standards and Technology Physics Laboratory

OSA Optical Society of America 

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