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AUrora and DOIs: Welcome

Quick reference for the DOI-assigning function of AUrora, Auburn's scholarly repository.

Auburn's scholarly repository, AUrora, now assigns DOIs to all submissions. Deposit your work at

What is a DOI?

A digital object identifier, or DOI, is a unique way to identify any digital entity. It allows for permanent link resolution, improves discoverability, and makes it easier to track citations.

Metadata Requirements for DOIs

It is important to provide the correct metadata for new AUrora submissions so that their DOIs are registered properly. Some of the fields required for DOIs are also required on the AUrora submission form:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Date
  • Contribution Type

However, there are a few fields that are not required by AUrora but are important to the DOI system:

  • Publisher
  • Abstract
  • Rights
  • Subject

When filling in the submission form, pay particular attention to these fields, as the system will not prevent deposits if they are left blank but the metadata reported to the DOI registry will be incorrect.


The "publisher" field appears on the AUrora submission form as shown below.

The "publisher" field on the AUrora submission form.

For an article or book chapter, enter the publisher of the book or chapter. For a conference, enter the sponsoring organization. If there is no specific publisher, as may be the case with a dataset or other supplementary materials, enter Auburn University as the publisher.


The "abstract" field appears on the AUrora submission form as shown below.

Abstract field on the AUrora form.

For an article or report, the abstract or executive summary can be entered exactly as it appears in the work. For other materials, such as datasets, a brief description of the contents and the methods (if applicable) is sufficient. This field should not be left blank.


The "rights" field appears on the AUrora submission form as shown below.

Rights field on the AUrora form.

Important: All materials deposited into AUrora are publicly available on the web. For items published elsewhere, the rights should match the original terms of publication. For author-accepted manuscripts, datasets, and other such materials, select an appropriate open license, such as CC-BY. Other terms of use can also be specified in this section.


The "subject" field appears on the AUrora submission form as shown below.

Subject field on the AUrora form.

Subject terms make it easier for interested parties to discover a work, increasing its impact. When possible, provide terms that do not appear in the title. A good rule of thumb is to choose terms that would typically be used to search for similar or related work.


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