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Extended Reality Space

Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), & Mixed Reality (MR), when taken beyond the bounds is referred to as Extended Reality (XR). This Space is for Research, Development, and Experimentation.

High-End VR Headsets

During Covid-19 we are only offering the use of VR and associated equipment for Faculty Research Projects.


The I&RC offers 4 High-end VR headsets

  • 3 Vive Pro Eye Headsets:  The Vive Pro Eye offers a more open environment because it is wireless and has no tether. This headset has a feature that many researchers may be interested in. It tracks the user's eye movement and pupil size as one looks (or gazes) throughout an environment. This data can then be used in a multitude of ways to infer and make data-driven assumptions about the user's experience. Also, the eye-tracking allows for focused rendering. As in real life, one focuses on an object and the surrounding objects become less in focus. This feature can help those that have experienced VR and had motion sickness. Because it mimics the way our real eyes operate, it can alleviate some visual discomfort.


The Oculus Rift, one of the first high-end headsets, provides a great VR experience but is limited to the range of the tether.