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Social Work: SOWO 4090 - Getting Started

This guide will introduce students and researchers in Social Work to the resources and services available at Auburn University Libraries

Social Policy examples

Americans With Disabilities Act

Violence Against Women Act

Family Medical Leave Act

Defense of Marriage Act

Head Start

Joshua Omvig Veterans Suicide PRevention Act

Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

AIDS Prevention Act

Mental Health Parity Act

State Children's Health Insurance Program

Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act

No Child Left Behind

Immigration Reform and Control Act  of 1986

Bankruptcy Reform Act

Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act

U.S. Government Search

Getting Started with Legislative Research

For SOWO 4090 students, this may be your first effort in researching Social Policies.    Don't Panic!  Your professor has provided you with a grading matrix, and this guide will help you find the information you need.


STEP 1:  Finding a Social Policy to Research

Choosing your Policy Topic
1. Find a topic or specific law that really interests you  
2. Wikipedia legislation listing by Presidency       "The Presidency of ..."  Major Legislation Signed
3. Try to choose a Public Law that has been passed after 1973       Why? This will increase your ability to research online, rather than through print Congressional publications.
4. Choose a Law that has been passed, rather than a Bill that has been debated/introduced, but not made into law. Why?  It's much easier to find information on Public Laws.


STEP 2:  Doing your background Research on the Policy (where you find the Bill and/or Public Law Number, Sponsor(s), Date and Congress information

a. Find the Bill Number or Public Law Number     Try: Google, Wikipedia,  
b. Find the Congressional Sponsor(s)           Try: Google, Wikipedia
c. Find which Congress debated/passed the Law     Try: Google, Wikipedia,
d. Read an overview of the Law (NOT THE LAW TEXT)  

 Try: Google, Wikipedia,

Legislative History Resources (Federal)

             || What You Can Find on || Bills, Resolutions

Search Bill Text for Current Congress

  • About: This feature searches the text of legislation by word/phrase or bill number.
  • Coverage: 101st (1989) through current Congress
  • Source: Library of Congress
  • Access Now: Bill Text Search

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