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ENGL 4310: Solomon

Search the Catalog

Classic Catalog

Find the catalog record for the book you want

screenshot of catalog search results page


Once you've found the catalog record for the book you want, double-check that it will be located in RBD Library and make note of the book's call number.


screenshot of a catalog record for a book

Using a Library Floor Map

map of RBD's third floor


The curved part of the library building faces College Street and hotel. 


map oriented facing College Street

Navigating the Stacks

Use the tags at the end of each shelf to help you navigate to the row you need.​

picture of the stacks with call number tags circled


Since our call number started with PR 6052, it'll be between the two tags here.


picture of the stacks


This is the row we need to go down to find our book.


picture of the stacks


Next we find the right section and continue following our call number: PR 6052 .Y2 Z64 2001


photo of books in the stacks


Once we find our book we can take it to the Circulation Desk (1st floor of RBD) or the Mell Info Desk (2nd floor of Mell).


picture of book pulled out from the stacks

Checking out a book

Take your book(s) and your TigerCard to the Circulation Desk on the 1st floor of the library or the Mell Desk and our library employees will be happy to check your book(s) out to you.

The Circulation Desk: 

circulation desk


The Mell Desk

mell desk


(I promise we do have staff - it's just no one wanted to be in my pictures.)

If you don't want to check out a book

I know it feels wrong, but if you pull a book off the shelf--even if you didn't move away from the shelf and you're pretty sure you know exactly where it came from--just place it on an empty table and we'll come along to reshelve it.