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Publication Finder Name Change                                                                                                 

posted April 11, 2023

On May 8, 2023 the name of the application referred to as “E-Journals” and “E-Journals A to Z” [see images below] will be changed to the name of “Publication Finder”. 

More information about the new Publication Finder can be found here:


where the name change will take place


Where the name change will take place

New Discovery Facets are live (posted January 11, 2023)

These new facets (search limiters) were designed and vetted by the library’s Discovery working group and are located on the left panel.  See screenshot below.

Textbooks facet

The Textbooks facet allows you to limit your search to books that have been designated as textbooks by catalogers.  It will not necessarily retrieve textbooks assigned by class instructors at Auburn University.

Exclude Government Documents facet

This facet is helpful when search results for something other than government documents yields so many government documents it is difficult to locate resources that are not a gov doc.  By removing the government documents from the search results, you can readily locate the results you seek.

Exclude Book Reviews

Similar to the exclude government documents search facet, this limiter filters out the book reviews to better direct your search for materials that are not book reviews.

Screenshot of limiters on Discovery search results screen

Clarification of source

The team also addressed an issue that frequently arises when students conduct systematic reviews.  They are confused by the use of the word "database".  The results page previously listed the aggregators, indexers, vendors and sources as well as legitimate databases all under the umbrella term Database.

filter by database image

We addressed this by changing the designation of this filter to say Content Provider.