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Research Instruction & Information Literacy: Explore Our Offerings

Auburn University Libraries' Information Literacy Program

Librarians can help faculty teach many aspects of the research process to students, along with the corresponding information literacy skills and concepts. Below is a sampling of what we can do. If you don't see what you need, please ask your Subject Librarian or visit the Research Instruction & Information Literacy page for additional possibilities.

Examples of Concepts That We Teach

Search & Locate Information

 Strategies for Effective Searching

 Databases & Scholarly Articles      

 Books & Other Library Resources

Evaluate Information

 Evaluate All Types of Information

 Determine Authority of a Source       

 How to Read Scholarly Articles

 Use Information

 Data Management Practices

 How Citation Managers Work

 Ethical Use of Information

Ways That We Teach

Infographic for Collaborate with a Librarian

Ways That We Teach (Accessible Version)

1. Research Assignment Development

Your librarian can assist in designing research assignments that require students to think critically when searching, evaluating, and using information.

2. Classroom Instruction

Your librarian can provide in-person instruction to students on research-related skills and concepts; we strive to develop active and hands-on sessions.

3. Online Instruction

Your librarian can provide online materials to supplement classroom instruction; you have the ability to add your librarian to your Canvas courses.

4. Research Assignment Assessment

Your librarian can assist you in assessing how well students located, evaluated, and used information in a research assignment.

5. Embedded Librarian

Your librarian can be a part of the course and interact with students throughout the entire research process, both in-person and online.