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APA (7th Edition) for Nursing and Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences: APA Videos

Information about the 7th edition of the APA Publication Manual

APA 7th Edition Videos

There are 2) APA 7th edition videos.

It is recommended you watch both of them and in order. 

APA - Part 1 is 13 minutes 21 seconds.

The video contains information about general rules that apply to all sources (capitalization, italization, doi's, sources with no date, 2 or more sources with the same author/date) and information about in-text citations. 

APA - Part 2 is 24 minutes 11 seconds.

The video provides examples and explanation for the most common types of sources used by nursing students at Auburn (journal articles, web pages, the Nursing Central app, books, book chapters, and reports).


There are 2 options for viewing the videos.

1st Option

Using the links below allows you to view the videos in Panopto with a Table of Contents to help navigate to specific sections.

2nd Option

Click the arrows to view the videos without the Table of Contents. Click the small square in the lower right to view full screen.