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CHEM 3000: PubMed

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Database Comparsions

See the "Database Comparison Handout -- Chemical Abstracts, SCI, MEDLINE for a comparison of three important science databases.

Database summaries

SciFinder is one way to search the CAPlus database (aka Chemical Abstracts).

Science Citation Index (aka Web of Science) is one way to search the SCISEARCH databse.

PubMed, MEDLINE (OVID), MEDLINE (Ebsco), and SciFinder are four interfaces for the MEDLINE database.


Medical Subject Headings -- MeSH


Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) are arranged in hierarchical structure from very broad terms to narrow terms. As of 2011, there are over 26,000 MeSH terms and over 177,000 See also terms that help find the best MeSH term. For example, "Vitamin C" is a See also term for "Ascorbic Acid." There are also over 199,000 See also terms for chemical names such as Ritalin for methylphenidate. See a short summary of MeSH terms. For a more thorough, but highly accessible, presentation see Basics of Medical Subject Headings in MEDLINE.


methylphenidate[mh] => Capitalization does not matter ... Quotes needed only for phrases like "myocardial infarction"


MeSH Subheadings -- Limit MeSH Heading with 79 subheading such as toxicity (/TO), adverse effects (/AE), chemistry (/CH), drug therapy (/DT), enzymology (/EN), Isolation and Purifiction (/IP), etc.



MEDLINE/PubMed Resources Guide is a comprehensive guide to MEDLINE and PubMed.

MeSH Subheadings

MeSH Subheadings 

Limit MeSH Heading with 79 subheading such as toxicity (/TO), adverse effects (/AE), chemistry (/CH), drug therapy (/DT), enzymology (/EN), Isolation and Purifiction (/IP), etc. ). 

You can also search all of PubMed by  each MeSH subheading.

Abnormalities /AB Embryology /EM Physiology /PH
Administration and Dosage /AD Enzymology /EN Physiopathology /PP
Adverse Effects /AE Epidemiology /EP Poisoning /PO
Agonists /AG Ethics /ES Prevention and Control /PC
Analogs and Derivatives /AA Ethnology /EH Psychology /PX
Analysis /AN Etiology /ET Radiation Effects /RE
Anatomy and Histology /AH Genetics /GE Rehabilitation /RH
Antagonists and Inhibitors /AI Growth and Development /GD Radiotherapy /RT
Biosynthesis /BI History /HI Secondary /SC
Blood Supply /BS Immunology /IM Secretion /SE
Blood /BL Injuries /IN Standards /ST
Cerebrospinal Fluid /CF Innervation /IR Statistics and Numerical Data /SN
Chemical Synthesis /CS Instrumentation /IS Supply and Distribution /SD
Chemically Induced /CI Nursing /NU Surgery /SU
Chemistry /CH Organization and Administration /OG Therapeutic Use /TU
Classification CL Parasitology /PS Therapy /TH
Complications /CO Pathogenicity /PY Toxicity /TO
Congenital /CN Pathology /PA Transmission /TM
Cytology /CY Pharmacokinetics /PK Transplantation /TR
Deficiency /DF Pharmacology /PD Trends /TD
Diagnosis /DI Isolation and Purification /IP Ultrastructure /UL
Diet Therapy /DH Legislation and Jurisprudence /LJ Urine /UR
Diagnostic Imaging /DG Manpower /MA Utilization /UT
Drug Effects /DE Metabolism /ME Veterinary /VE
Drug Therapy /DT Methods /MT Virology /VI
Economics /EC Microbiology /MI  
Education /ED Mortality /MO