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CHEM 3000: SciFinder for data and spectra

Class outline

SciFinder -- Data & spectra

    Via substance record

    Via keyword search


New:  Comparison of Resource to SciFinder  (click on link or download from Handouts box in left column).

           It is due Tuesday, April 14, 2020

SciFinder for data & spectra

Two ways to find data  & spectra in SciFinder

(1) From the substance record

Locate the substance record in the substances database

Go to Experimental properties or Experimental spectra

Find the property you are looking for. Not all data is available (What is data/spectra are available?) .This data is not definitive.

Data sources for SciFinder can indicate data quality. 

Check the references! Is the data what you expect? Don't plan to cite SciFinder as the source (unless it actually is the ultimate source--which is rarely the case).

(2) Via a keyword search

Search the keyword database using the proximity operator

For example ... viscosity of 57-11-4 (octadecanoic acid, stearic acid)  <= A parenthetical OR SF search

Select only the "closely associated" references. It will likely identify many false hits.

What properties are tagged in SciFinder?