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Communication & Journalism Table of Contents

Table of contents (TOC) via RSS feeds (when available) for selected journals in Communication and Journalism studies

Communication, Journalism & Theatre Librarian

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Barbara Bishop
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Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura provides feminist perspectives on film, television, and visual media. Its debates, essays, interviews, and summary pieces encompass a spectrum of media practices, including avant-garde, alternative, fringe, international, and mainstream.


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Cinema Journal [AKA Journal of Cinema and Media Studies]

Cinema Journal, sponsored by the Society for Cinema and Media Studies, represents recent scholarship by SCMS members in various fields of study, including (but not limited to): Film Studies, Cinema Studies, Television Studies, Media Studies, Visual Arts, Cultural Studies, Film and Media History, and Moving Image Studies.

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Journal of Film and Video

The Journal of Film and Video, an internationally respected forum, focuses on scholarship in the fields of film and video production, history, theory, criticism, and aesthetics. Article features include film and related media, problems of education in these fields, and the function of film and video in society.

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Film & History

Film & History considers motion pictures under the following rubrics: Films which interpret history; Films which reflect history; Films made to influence history.

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Film History

Film History focuses on the historical development of the motion picture and the social, technological, and economic context in which this has occurred. Its areas of interest range from the technical and entrepreneurial innovations of the early and pre-cinema experiments, through all aspects of the production, distribution, exhibition, and reception of commercial and non-commercial motion pictures.

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The Moving Image

The Moving Image deals with crucial issues surrounding the preservation and restoration of film, television, video, and digital moving images. The journal offers detailed profiles of moving image collections, behind-the-scenes looks at the techniques used to preserve and restore moving images, and theoretical and visionary articles on the future of the field.

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Music, Sound and the Moving Image

Music, Sound, and the Moving Image is the first international scholarly journal devoted to the study of the interaction between music and sound with the entirety of moving image media – film, television, music video, advertising, computer games, mixed-media installation, digital art, live cinema, et al.

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The Velvet Light Trap

The Velvet Light Trap is a journal devoted to investigating historical questions that illuminate the understanding of film and other media. While VLT maintains its traditional commitment to the study of American film, it also expands its scope to television and other media, to adjacent institutions, and to other nations' media.

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