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3D Printing & Laser-cutting Space

The 3D Printing & Laser-cutting Space of the Innovation & Research Commons is where patrons can realize their 3D and 2D designs

Please fill out the MakerSpace Intake Form to submit job requests. For all other inquiries, email Contact us in advance if you would like to set up a consultation with our staff concerning your job.

Pricing information below. Departments will be charged via invoices and FOAP numbers. Students will be charged via credit card.


Price Schedule for 3D Printing & Laser Cutting/Etching:

Materials Costs:

Standard Filaments:        $0.12/gm (PLA & PETG)

Specialty Filaments:        $0.25/gm PC, Carbon Fiber Infused, Etc.

Standard Resins:             $0.32/mL  $2.00/ 5 min setup and cleaning    

Specialty Resins:             $0.37/mL  $2.00/ 5 min setup and cleaning   

Laser Cutting/Etching:   Varies depending on material; see page for more information

Labor Costs:

Standard Setup/Cleanup fee: $1.00 (applies to all print jobs)

Resin Printing Supply Charge: $1.00 (covers PPE/gloves & alcohol for resin prints ONLY)

Extended Print Time: No charge for prints under 5 hours. Printing jobs that go over 5 hours will be subject to an additional charge of $1.00/ every additional 5 hours.

Support Removal (if applicable*): $2.00 for a standard (<10 minute) removal job. Additional $2.00 for every 5 minutes thereafter. You must indicate if you would like for us to perform this service for you.

*3D prints with complex shape will require support material during the printing process. This is by nature intended to be broken away from the final print with ease.