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An interdisciplinary space that fosters a spirit of exploration and play while providing technologies for research and innovation for all users.
Be advised! Our pricing model is scheduled to change at the beginning of the Fall 2023 Semester. We will also be opening up certain equipment for reservations. More information is coming soon; Watch this space!


Our hours of operations are Mon-Fri 8a-8p and Sun 1p-8p. Please email to submit job requests. Contact us in advance if you would like to set up a consultation with our staff concerning your print.

Pricing information below:

Departments will be charged invoices and FOAP numbers. Students will be charged via credit card.


* 3D Printing & Laser cutting/etching Pricing:

Materials Costs:

Standard Filaments:        $0.12/gm (PLA & PETG)

Specialty Filaments:        $0.25/gm PC, Carbon Fiber Infused, Etc.

Standard Resins:             $0.32/mL  $2.00/ 5 min setup and cleaning    

Specialty Resins:             $0.37/mL  $2.00/ 5 min setup and cleaning   

Laser Cutting/Etching:   TBD

Labor Costs:

Standard Setup/Cleanup fee: $1.00 (applies to all print jobs)

Resin Printing Supply Charge: $1.00 (covers PPE/gloves & alcohol for resin prints ONLY)

Extended Print Time: No charge for prints under 5 hours. Printing jobs that go over 5 hours will be subject to an additional charge of $1.00/ every additional 5 hours.

Support Removal (if applicable*): $2.00 for a standard (<10 minute) removal job. Additional $2.00 for every 5 minutes thereafter. You must indicate if you would like for us to perform this service for you.

*3D prints with complex shape will require support material during the printing process. This is by nature intended to be broken away from the final print with ease.

  • 3D printers – 3 Lulzbot Taz Pros, 1 FormLabs 3, 1 FormLabs 3B, 2 Original Prusa i3 MK3S+
  • 3D scanners – Einscan Pro hand-held 3D scanner and an EinScan-SP 3D Scanner.
  • Electronics – Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, breadboards, power supplies, and components.
  • Soldering – 2 HAKKO Soldering Stations
  • Laser cutter – BOSS LS-163

  • Paint Booth
  • Sewing machines – 2 Janome 7330


Soldering station (FX-888D), Soldering irons


    FX-8801 with soldering tip type B), Iron holder

    (with cleaning wire, cleaning sponge).   


Model No. FX-888D
Power consumption 70W
Temperature range 50 to 480ºC
Temperature stability ±1ºC at idle temperature (When set to 200 to 480ºC)


Output voltage AC 26V
Dimensions 100(W)×120(H)×120(D)mm
Weight 1.2kg

・Soldering Iron

Power consumption 65W (26V)
Tip to ground resistance <2Ω
Tip to ground potential <2mV
Heating element Ceramic heater
Standard tip Shape-B (No.T18-B)
Cord length 1.2m
Total length 217mm (with B tip)
Weight 46g (with B tip)


BossLaser LS-1630X 




Cutting Area 400 x 750mm or 15.75" x 29.50"
Work Table Capacity 200lb movement, 300lb static
Laser Power Includes 65W CO2 w/ available 100W
Software Interface 2020 LightBURN™ Software
Material Capability Organics / non-metal - Able to mark pre-treated metals
Machine Dimensions 65.5"L x 37.5"W x 44.5"H (with 100W tube extension)
Venting Attachments Air exhaust fan with a venting tube
Motor type Nema Stepper
Z table Motorized Z (8 in. up/down adjustable)
Material platform Both Honeycomb & Knife Blade cutting tables
Net Weight 630lbs.
Power Supply AC 110V (220V available upon request)
OS Compatibility Windows, Mac OS, or Linux (32 or 64-bit)
Laser / PC Connectivity USB connection
Job Memory Capacity 128mb via. USB flash drive or WiFi networking
Rotary Capable Chuck or Roller options available
Crate Dimensions / Gross Weight 69" Deep X 43"W x 50"H / 700#
Warranty 12 months (includes parts & CO2 tube)
Class Class 4 laser

2 Janome 7330 Sewing Machines






mechanical machine
860 stitches per minute
18 built-in stitch patterns
1 buttonhole style
Stitch length 4mm and width 6.5mm
Built-in needle threader
workspace 6.5 x 4.6in
reverse button
5 piece feed dog system