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Veterinary Medicine: Table of Contents Alerts


Wherever you see an RSS icons  or  or  or even the word RSS, it should be possible to create an RSS link.

RSS is the best way to receive TOC Alerts.

Go to a journal websites to find its RSS feed for TOC Alerts.

How to receive Table of Contents (TOC) Alerts


RSS is the most convenient way to receive Table of Contents (TOC) alerts. All of the TOC alerts for each journal are gathered into one place. See How to receive alerts for details.


Email can also be used to receive TOC Alerts, but it tends to clutter up one's in-box. It can be difficult to tell which TOCs have been viewed. See How to receive alerts for details

How to find RSS feed for Table of Contents (TOC)

Finding an RSS feed for Table of Contents

It is a rare journal publisher that does not provide RSS feed its journals. Just go to the publisher's website and look for the word RSS or the  or  or  icons.

Search Google ... just type in the word RSS and the name of the journal.

Search within Google Reader.

 Adding RSS feed to an RSS reader

Copy and paste the link for an RSS feed for into your RSS reader.

Removing an RSS feed

Simply remove the RSS feed from your RSS reader.

In contrast, stopping an automated email alert may require password access to the account from which the email alert was created.