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Research Data Services: Training

A general overview of good research data management practices and applicable services provided by the Libraries.

Training prepares students and support staff to take on data management responsibilities.

Data Services Offered

NEW! Computational Support

Meet one-on-one with an expert in Python, R, ArcGIS, data visualization, and many other data science/programming packages.

Data Skill Consultations

For more information or to set up an appointment, contact the Research Data Management Librarian.

Need assistance with study design or data manipulation/analysis? The Statistical Consulting Center may be able to help.

Are you looking for massive parallel computing power? Consider the High Performance Computing Cluster.

RDM Training at RBD Library

  • Introductory Data Management

    This introductory course is intended for graduate and undergraduate researchers who are learning about issues in data management for the first time. All sessions will cover data organization and formatting. More specialized, subject-specific topics are addressed based on the participants' research areas. This course is offered in an afternoon (3-4) and an evening (5-6) timeslot.

    → Register for this course here.

  • Departmental Data Management Seminars

    Faculty can arrange for a seminar tailored to specific research needs to be offered within a department for graduate students or other research personnel. Contact the Research Data Management Librarian to discuss options for departmental training.

  • Metadata *coming soon*

  • Workflow *coming soon*

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