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Research Data Services: Secure Storage and Backup

A general overview of good research data management practices and applicable services provided by the Libraries.

Project data that is being viewed, retrieved, and modified should also be stored securely and backed up regularly.

Data Services Offered

NEW! Computational Support

Meet one-on-one with an expert in Python, R, ArcGIS, data visualization, and many other data science/programming packages.

Data Skill Consultations

For more information or to set up an appointment, contact the Research Data Management Librarian.

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Backup Basics

  • Regular backups are important to preserve recent changes and protect against file corruption and loss.
  • Backups should not all be in the same location – consider having a local copy and a copy on a remote server.
  • Data security is important – protect your data against unauthorized access or theft.
  • Automatic backup software can be an excellent solution to keep you from having to remember to run a backup.

Auburn Policy and Services

Faculty researchers: Auburn's Office of Information Technology is the preferred buyer for networked storage space. Secure, backed-up storage for research data is available at favorable bulk rates from OIT. Consult with your college or school's IT unit to determine your likely storage needs and set up the purchase. You may also have some local networked storage available to you (ask your unit's IT specialist), and you can use the Auburn-provided Box service to store your research data and other files at no cost.

All other Auburn users: Most units have some networked storage freely available to them. Ask your distributed IT provider about these options. You can also use Box for free by using your Auburn ID to sign in - you do not need to create an additional account for this.

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