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Guide to the equipment and services associated with the I&RC's DataSpace.

Services and Support

One-on-One Data Expert Consultations

DataSpace spring schedule effective January 16.

More information about the service can be found on the What We Do page.

Join the consultation Zoom room now

Consultant not on Zoom when the schedule lists availability? Use the I&RC chat or call (334) 844-7398 to ask about schedule changes or consultant status.

Consultant specialties:

   Consultant A — SPSS, R, Excel

   Consultant B — Excel (Visual Basic), Python, R, MATLAB

   Consultant C — R, Stata, Python, Excel, SAS

   Consultant D — R, Stata, Excel


Time Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9 AM X X X X X X
10 AM X X X X X B
11 AM X B X X X B
12 PM X B X C C B
1 PM A X X C C B
2 PM A X B C C X
3 PM A D B C D X
4 PM A D X X D X
5 PM A D X X D X
6 PM A D X X X X
7 PM A X X X X X



Available Equipment

  • Performance Workstations
    The DataSpace offers two top-end computers (one PC, one Mac) and ten high-end computers (five PC, five Mac) for data wrangling and analysis.
  • Digital Wall
    The Digital Wall is a large, interactive seven-panel digital display located on the first floor of the RBD Library that can be used for teaching and research.
  • Laptop Docking Station
    Users can bring their own laptops to dock into this workstation's dual-monitor setup via USB-C/USB 3.1.
  • Large-Panel Displays
    Two mobile 55" flat-screen displays are available for collaboration and visualization.