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Research Data Services: Welcome

A general overview of good research data management practices and applicable services provided by the Libraries.

Why manage research data effectively?  It benefits other investigators, the community, future scholars...and you.

Data Services Offered

NEW! Computational Support

Meet one-on-one with an expert in Python, R, ArcGIS, data visualization, and many other data science/programming packages.

Data Skill Consultations

For more information or to set up an appointment, contact the Research Data Management Librarian.

Need assistance with study design or data manipulation/analysis? The Statistical Consulting Center may be able to help.

Are you looking for massive parallel computing power? Consider the High Performance Computing Cluster.

The Least You Need to Know

  • Most federal funding agencies now require data management plans to be included in the grant proposal, and many other institutions do as well.
  • Whether or not research is externally funded, data is likely to be reused within the same research group later, so planning ahead for data management will save future time and effort as well as increase the chances datasets can be leveraged for additional publications.
  • Preserving raw data enhances the integrity of research by improving transparency and reproducibility.
  • Students can develop data management skills that are transferable to a wide variety of careers.
  • Data that is shared in a registered repository increases research impact and can yield higher citation counts.
  • Confidential or proprietary data that is managed properly will be more secure, protecting researchers, subjects, and sponsors.

Research Data Management Pitfalls: A Tale

This is a brief and humorous video illustrating some of the problems that can arise when a researcher requests poorly-managed data from a colleague. Credit: NYU Health Sciences Library

Research Data Management Librarian

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Ali Krzton
Subjects: Geosciences

Data Services Handout

Download a printable handout summarizing available research data services at the Libraries.

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