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Music Call Number Guide

Guides for finding instrumental and vocal music

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Classification Numbers for Saxophone Music and Books

M105–M109  Saxophone alone:
     M105      Collections (more than one composer)
     M106      Original works: Collections (one composer)
     M107      Original works: Separate works
     M108      Arrangements: Collections (one composer)
     M109     Arrangements: Separate works
 M268–M269  Saxophone with piano accompaniment:
     M268      Collections
     M269      Separate works
 M288–M289  Duets for two wind instruments (of all kinds):
     M288      Collections
     M289      Separate works
 M290–M291  Duets—one stringed and one wind instrument
 M296–M297  Duets—one wind and one plucked instrument
 M315–M319  Piano and two wind instruments
 M320–M324  Piano, one stringed, and one wind instrument
 M335–M339  Piano, one wind, and one plucked instrument
 M355–M359  Three wind instruments
 M360–M364  Three stringed and wind instruments
 M375–M379  Three wind and plucked instruments


Concertos and similar pieces

 M1034.S4  Saxophone with orchestra, full scores
 M1034.5 .S4  Cadenzas for such works
 M1035.S4  Saxophone with orchestra, piano reductions
 M1134.S4  Saxophone with string orchestra, full scores
 M1134.5 .S4  Cadenzas for such works
 M1135.S4  Saxophone with string orchestra, piano reductions


Saxophone studies and methods

 MT500  General works
 MT502  Systems and methods
 MT503  Teaching pieces
 MT504  Instructive editions
 MT505  Studies and exercises
 MT506  Orchestral studies
 MT507  Two saxophones
 MT508  Self-instructors
 MT510  Other instruments of the saxophone family


Classification Numbers for Books about the Saxophone

 ML128 .S247  Saxophone bibliographies
 ML975  General works
 ML976  Construction
 ML978  Music and playing