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COMM 1000

Suggested Public Speaking resources for your informative and persuasive speeches

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Tips before Searching

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Informative Speeches

The following databases can be searched to locate relevant popular magazine and newspaper articles. Remember to stay away from editorials, letters to the editor, and other opinion pieces and look for articles that present an unbiased or balanced view of the topic. 



Visual Aids
Web Sites

Persuasive Speeches

The resources listed in this box are the best ones to use for many persuasive topics. However, you can use any of the links in the Informative Speeches box as well.

Web Sites

Statistics & Public Opinion Data


Hint: Statistics and public opinion data are great ways to support your thesis for both informative and persuasive arguments. Here are some databases and websites for you to use. Remember to check with your instructor to see how the websites count if you have a limit on Internet sites.

Web Sites