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Covidence for Auburn University: About Covidence

Learn more about Covidence at AU Libraries and its relation to systematic reviews.

What is Covidence?Covidence Logo

Covidence functions as a web-based software tool that facilitates the management of systematic and other evidence-based reviews.

Through Covidence, researchers can streamline various review processes:

  • Create a new review project, 
  • Import and screen references for research, including titles, abstracts, and full-text reviews,
  • Invite others to join reviews for team collaboration and communicate about studies through guideline discussions,
  • Work with colleagues on reference selection and track team progress on screening studies,
  • Create and perform quality assessments, and assign reviewers to evaluate various references, and
  • Extract screening data with reference details and researcher notes.

Getting Started

Steps for Accessing Covidence

Sign up for an institutional account with Auburn University by visiting our registration page and using an active Auburn email address. 

Once you establish an account through Auburn, you can create a review and start scanning references within the Covidence system.

Defining Systematic Reviews

What is a Systematic Review?

Moore (2023) defines a systematic review as "a stand-alone research study designed to locate, evaluate, and synthesize research evidence based on a specific research question related to clinical practice, research, or policy."

Likewise, Covidence (2022) characterizes these as systematic literature reviews or SLRs, which "attempt to collate all empirical evidence that fit pre-specified eligibility criteria in order to answer a specific clearly-formulated research question."

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Want more information on other review categories, such as rapid, umbrella, scoping, and literature reviews? See the Covidence support article, What are the different types of review?

You can also visit the Systematic Reviews LibGuide developed by our Health Sciences Librarian to learn more about the guidelines and available resources on systematic reviews.