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EndNote: Journal Abbreviations

Journal abbreviations

Some journals require the use of journal abbreviations for references. If you might ever need to use a citation style that requires journal abbreviations, then before adding any references to a new EndNote library, import a Journal Terms List as described below

First, disable automatic updating of journal terms when downloading references from databases.

Edit --> Preferences --> Term Lists --> Uncheck these two options …
     Update lists when importing or pasting references
     Update lists during data entry

The importance of this step cannot be understated! This will prevent the addition of “bad” information about journals to your Journal Terms when new references (with “bad” journal data) are added to EndNote.

Second, import a journal term list.

  1. Tools --> Open Term Lists --> Journals Term List --> Lists tab --> Journals --> Import List
  2. Navigate to c:/program files/EndNote X9/Terms Lists, select a Journal Terms list such as Chemical or Medical and click Open. Import additional Journal Term lists as needed. Typical combinations include: Medical, Biological, and/or Chemical.
  3. Close the Term Lists box.

If you have already added references to your EndNote library, the easiest thing to do is to delete the existing journal terms and import a Journal Terms list as described above.

Tools --> Open Terms Lists --> Journals Term List --> Highlight all journal terms --> Delete Term(s)

When you add a reference for a journal that is not on the journal terms list, you can create an entry for the journal.

Tools --> Open Terms Lists --> Journals Term List --> Terms tab --> New Term --> Fill in journal title  and abbreviation information as needed