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Why Evaluate?: Why Evaluate?

A table to defining types of publications and best places to search for them.

Reasons to Evaluate Materials

"There was crap published in paper and there is crap published online."*


You just can't get any more bottom line than that, and in order to turn in the best project for a good grade you want to choose the best quality resources. That's where evaluating your search results comes in.

Evaluating is a process that you already do every time you make a decision about what to eat, buy, see, or read. You now need to think about it in the academic context. Instead of comparing color, designer, and cut; or make, model, and price; you start investigating is it opinion, true or a hoax; is the article popular, professional, or peer-reviewed among other criteria.

Speaking of CRAAP (currency, relevancy, authority, accuracy, purpose) check out the following video; or, view the following pages where currency, authority, accuracy, purpose, and objectivity/bias are presented in various ways.


*Statement made during
Association of Southeastern Research Libraries
Summertime Summit;
Georgia Tech;

August 9, 2013.

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