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Women's Studies : Find Primary Sources

This guide may serve as a starting point for research in the field of Women's Studies.

What is a primary source?

A primary source is a fundamental, authoritative document relating to a subject, used in preparation of a later work.   From ALA Glossary of Library & Information Science, 2013.   A primary source can also be thought of as a document or object that was created at the time of an event.  You will need to search the catalog to find primary sources held by AU Libraries.


Examples include diaries, letters, photographs, sound recordings, lectures, novels, and government records.  Auburn University Libraries subscribes to the primary source databases listed below.

Examples of primary source books

Examples of free online primary sources

Examples of online primary sources from Auburn University Libraries' Digital Collection

Examples of primary sources on microfilm (1st Floor of RBD Library)

18th and 19th century periodicals can be found in the American Periodical Series.   RBD Library has access to the 3 collections listed below.  If you would like to view a list of the periodicals in each series, please ask for the index at the service desk in the Media and Digital Resource Lab on the 1st floor.

Examples of primary sources in Special Collections (Ground Floor of RBD Library)

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