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Online Guide to the information resources for the field of Education provided by Auburn University Libraries

Education, Kinesiology, Counseling, World Languages, Literatures & Cultures

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Narrowing Your Search Results

After you have made a search in the catalog, you may narrow and/or reorganize your results.

Here is a sample of the choices provided for narrowing:

Searching for books using the Catalog

To search for books (and other items) at Auburn Univeristy Libraries use the

Auburn University Libraries Online Catalog at the Libraries Homepage:


Hints for searching for books in the catalog:


  • Limits only apply to Title and Journal Title. For Author or Subject, use Keyword searches
  • Truncation is automatic: teach = teacher, teaching, teaches, etc.
  • Do not combine terms with AND OR NOT
  • In a list of subjects or authors, the See Also button leads to references that contain information related to your search.


  • Last name first: wong harry


  • Omit initial articles (a, an, the, der, la, los...): first days of school
  • Enter just the first few words: cyclopaedia of education a dictionary

Call Number

  • Use punctuation and spaces: lc 189.95 e38 2002
  • Use for Library of Congress or Superintendent of Documents (SuDocs) numbers only