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Graphic Design

To support the Graphic Design in the CADC program

Copyright and Fair Use of Images



The protection given to any created image or work for being copied or distributed without permission. All images are immediately given copyright to the creator when the image is created. 

Fair Use

The legal right to use copyrighted images as long as the images are used for educational, research, or personal or use or as long as the image benefits the public good in some way.   

Creative Commons

Images that are copyrighted but that the creator has put provisions on their use. A creative commons license might stipulate, for example, that an image can be used as long as it isn't modified in any way. 

Public Domain

Images that no longer have copyright restrictions either because the creator willingly relinquished their copyright or because the creator is dead and no one owns the copyright.   

Finding Original Sources for an Image


Here are two ways to find sources for an image on the Internet.  These may be used to find the owner of an image, to identify the content of image, to see how an image has been used, or find a higher resolution version.  The search will find similar images and other instances of the original.