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Juvenile Literature

Online Guide to the Auburn University Libraries' Juvenile Collection and related resources.

Education, Kinesiology, Counseling, World Languages, Literatures & Cultures

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Call Numbers for Juvenile Fiction


Most of the popular authors are shelved with the Call Number PZ7

To browse in person, find the first letter of the author's last name.  Books are organized alphabetically by author.

For example, to find books by J. K. Rowling, go the PZ7 .R and look at the authors' last names until you get down to Rowling's books.

Rowling's call number is PZ7 .R79835


Many other titles, especially fables and nursery rhymes are found with PZ8 call numbers.    


For example the call number for Dr. Seuss books is PZ8.3 .G276


Other PZ call numbers are as follows:

PZ3                       Fiction, Individual Authors


PZ4                       Fiction, Individual Authors 1950-

PZ5PZ90         Juvenile Fiction (Belle Lettres)

PZ5                      Collections

PZ6                      Early to 1870

PZ7                      1870 to present

PZ8PZ8.9        Fairy Tales, Folklore, Legends,

                             Fables, & Nursery Rhymes

PZ9                     Historical & Geographical Tales

PZ10. 5              Polyglot Books (Multilingual)

PZ21PZ28     French Books

PZ31PZ38     German Books

PZ41PZ48     Italian Books

PZ49                  Japanese Books

PZ50                  Korean Books

PZ51PZ60     Scandinavian Books

PZ61PZ70     Russian & Ukrainian Books

PZ71PZ78     Spanish Books

PZ81PZ88     Portuguese Books

PZ90                  Books in other languages 

Call Numbers for Juvenile Non-Fiction

AC-AZ    General Reference Works (Encyclopedias, etc.)

B-BX       Philosophy & Religion

CB-CT    Civilization, Archaeology, Heraldry Biography, etc.

D-DX       History of Eastern Hemisphere

E-F           History of the Americas

G-GC      Geography & Oceanography

GE-GF     Environmental sciences, Human Ecology, & Anthopogeography

GN-GR   Anthropology & Folklore

GT           Customs & Holidays

H              Social sciences (General)

HA-HC    Statistics & Ecomomics

HD-HE     Industries & Transportation

HF-HJ     Commerce & Finance

HM-HN   Sociology, Social history and conditions, & Social problems

J-JX        Political Science (Theory and Institutions)

K-KFM    Law

L-LD       Education 

M-MT      Music

N-NX       Fine Arts (Visual Arts)

NC           Drawing

ND           Painting

P-PZ        Language & Literature

PA           Classical Languages

PC           Romance Languages (Italian, French, Spanish, etc)

PE            English language

PF            German Language

PG-PM    Other Languages

PZ            Juvenile Literature (See PZ list)

Q-QR       Sciences

QA            Math

QB            Astronomy

QC            Physics

QD           Chemistry

QE            Geology

QH-QL    Biology, Botany, & Zoology

QM-QP   Anatomy & Physiology

R-RZ       Medicine

S-SK        Agriculture

SB-SD     Plants

SF             Animals

SH            Fish and Aquatic life

T-TX        Technologies & Engineering

TD            Environment & Sanitation

TE             Highways & Roads

TF             Railroads

TG            Bridges

TH            Buildings

TK            Electrical, Electronics, Nuclear

TL            Cars, Planes, and Spacecraft

TR            Photography

TS            Manufacturing

TT            Arts & Crafts

TX           Cooking & Home Economics

U-UX       Military Science

UG           Air Force & Military Astronautics

V-VM      Naval Science

Z              Bibliography & Library Science