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ORCID Profile Setup

Contained within this guide are directions for getting your ORCID publications to show up on a specific webpage
The following instructions are specifically for LibGuides Administrators
  1.  Go to LibGuides Admin -- Look & Feel -- Page Layout -- Profile
  2.  Under Layout Options for Profile Page create a copy (we named our Profile 2)
  3. Move My Guides under the My Subject Specialties and adjust the columns widths if desired (check with your systems department if you need help with html coding)
  4. Go to for instructions and more information
  5. The script to add to your Profile page template is at
  6. Save your changes and when you are ready change to the new Profile page
  7. Have your librarians follow the Librarians Steps 1-3 pages

For technical help with the LibGuides Administrators setup, please contact Clint Bellanger (