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Community Planning: Land Use Law

Guide to resources at Auburn University Libraries for community planning, urban studies, and city planning.

Web Sources

Mandelker's Land Use Law Website

**Includes supplementary guides, PPT presentations, and articles.

Salkin's Law of the Land Blog

This blog on land use law and zoning is maintained by Jacob D. Fuchsberg Touro Law Center Dean and Professor of Law Patricia Salkin. It provides a "forum for the discussion of current laws, policies and decisions that affect the use of land."

Guide to State Land Use Enabling Legislation

Key Reference Sources


More abbreviations may be found by looking at Bieber's Dictionary of Legal Abbreviations which is located in the Reference Desk area on 2nd floor. The call number is KF 246. B46.

Example Abbreviation Reporter Call Number
422 A.2d 353 A.2d Atlantic Reporter. Second series KF 135.A72 - 3rd Floor
60 A.L.R.2d 1065 A.L.R. American Law Reports KF 132 .A5 - 3rd Floor
266 Cal.Rptr. 231 Cal.Rptr.  California Reporter   KFC 47.C32 - 3rd Floor
81 C.J.S. 115 C.J.S. Corpus Juris Secundum KF 154 .C62 - 3rd Floor
1984-2 C.B. 296 C.B. Internal Revenue Cumulative Bulletin T 22.25: - 1st Floor
864 F.2d 700 F. 2d Federal Reporter. Second series KF 133.F52 - 3rd Floor
681 F. Supp. 1492 F. Supp. Federal Supplement KF 120.F443 - 3rd Floor
608 N.E.2d 573 N.E.2d North Eastern Reporter. Second series KF 135.N62 - 3rd Floor
475 N.W.2d 563 N.W.2d North Western Reporter. Second series KF 135.N72 - 3rd Floor
584 N.Y.S.2d 483 N.Y.S.2d New York Supplement. Second series KFN 5045.N4 - 3rd Floor
518 P.2d 568 P. 2d Pacific Reporter. Second series KF 135.P22 - 3rd Floor
93 S. Ct. 705 S. Ct. Supreme Court Reporter KF 101.A322 - 3rd Floor
42 S.E.2d 556 S.E.2d South Eastern Reporter. Second series KF 135.S62 - 3rd Floor
551 So. 2d 1303 So. 2d Southern Reporter. Second series KF 135.S82 - 3rd Floor
809 S.W.2d 710 S.W.2d South Western Reporter. Second series KF 135.S72 - 3rd Floor
60 T.C. 368 T.C. United States Tax Court Reports Government Documents - 1st floor - JU11.7
195 U.S. 27 U.S. United States Supreme Court Reports KF 101.A24 - 3rd Floor
18 U.S.C. 1951 U.S.C. United States Code Y4.J89/1:UN3/3/ - 1st Floor
29 U.S.C.A. 169 U.S.C.A. United States Code Annotated KF 62 .W4 - 2nd Floor, (Next to Reference Desk)
81-1 U.S.T.C. 9323 U.S.T.C. U.S. Tax Cases HJ 3251. A39C6 - 3rd Floor

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