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Systematic Reviews: Managing Citations

Information about completing a systematic review

Downloading citations to reference managers

Systematic Reviews often require that large numbers of citations with abstracts be reviewed. Reference managers can simplify this process,  but the ability to download large numbers of citations varies among databases.

At Auburn, all EBSCO databases, including CINAHL and PsycINFO allow you to email up to 25,000 search results at once.

  • From the page of search results, click on Share (on the right immediately above the search results).
  • Scroll down to "Export Results" and click on "Email a link to download exported results". Enter your email address and be sure to choose to receive the citations in a format compatible with the reference manager you use. Most reference managers will import an RIS file. Note that it may take up to an hour to receive the email.
  • After receiving the email and clicking on the link, you will  need to open or save the file and then extract the files since they are compressed (zipped). Open your reference manager, and create a folder (or click into an existing folder) intended to hold the citations. Then choose to Add files and browse to the location of the unzipped file.

OVID databases (for example Medline and Agricola) will allow you to export up to 1000 search results at a time.

  • In the white toolbar above the search results, check ALL if you have 1000 or fewer results. If you wish to export more than 1000, you will have to repeat the process 1 or more times. Instead of clicking ALL, in the box labeled Select Range, type 1-1000 the first time, 1001-2000 the second time, etc. 
  • Then choose Export choosing a format appropriate for your Citation Manager.
  • Note that for screening purposes you need to choose Fields of citation, abstract;  or citation, abstract, subject headings; or complete reference. If exporting to RIS, after saving the file, open your reference manager and import (Add files) by browsing to the file location.

PubMed allows you to export results to a citation manager using the Send to button (above the list of results).

  • Choose Send to and then citation manager.
  • Choose the number of results you want to export, All (up to 10,000), All on the page, or a selection.
  • Then Create File. Open the file (you may have to browse for your citation manager).
  • You will need to use the Pubmed Filter when importing the file into Endnote.

Web of Science (WOS)

  • After searching, look for Export (above the list of results)
  • If using Endnote, you can choose Endnote Desktop or Endnote online. If using other reference managers, choose Export to other file formats.
  • Choose how many records to export. Note that WOS has an export limit of 500 at a time. If you have more than 500 results, you will have to export in batches. First 1-500, then 501-1000, then 1001 - 1500, etc. 
  • You can choose Abstract, Title, Source, Abstract; Full Record; or Full Record with Cited References
  • If using reference managers other than Endnote, you will need to choose  File format at the bottom. Mendeley and Zotero will both import Bibtex format. 

Google Scholar

  • It is possible to export up to 10 references at a time using My Library in Google Scholar.
  • After running a search, click the Star underneath those you want to save. That will place the reference in your Google Scholar Library.
  • After selecting up to 10 references (one page worth), click on My Library in the upper right. 
  • Clck the small box in the toolbar to select all refernces or use the boxes to the left of each reference to select only some references. 
  • Click the download arrow in the tool bar to export to one of 4 formats, BibTex, EndNote, RefMan, or CSV.

Exporting from Endnote to Excel

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