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Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences: Seaching PsycINFO

Databases, online tutorials, and websites for those studying Audiology and Speech Language Pathology

Keyword Searching

  •  3 search boxes connected by AND, type 1 concept (with related synonyms) in each box, connect synonyms for concept with OR
  • Add row or rows if needed for additional concepts

Searching with Subject Headings

  • Find subject headings by clicking Thesaurus(in top tool bar)
  • Enter your concept in the lower search box and click Browse
  • Check box beside appropriate heading and ADD
  • Search for additional terms and ADD, changing Boolean operator if needed
  • Keywords may be added to search if there is no appropriate subject heading

Limiting Searches

  • Searches with only keywords/synonyms can be limited before searching (below the search box)
  • Any search can be limited afterwards by clicking on Show More (to the left of results, in the section labeled Limit to)
  • You can limit by:




                  -population group (includes male and female)

                  -methodology (clinical case study, empirical, etc.)

                  -peer reviewed


Viewing Abstracts

  •  View an individual abstract by hovering over the magnifying glass after the title
  •  View all abstracts by clicking Page Options and then Detailed

Finding Full Text

  •  Look for a PDF or HTML or Linked Full Text link below the abstract

If none of those is available, click the Full Text Finder link. For more information about using Full Text Finder, check out the Find Full Text tab of this guide.

Saving Search Results

  • As you view abstracts, click Add to Folder (the blue folder image with a + to the right of the title) for any you wish to keep.
  • After viewing abstracts, Click Folder (in the top tool bar) to see the ones you saved.
  • From the folder you can print the citations, email them, or export them to a citation manager.
  • Note that the citations stay in the folder only until you close your browser.

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